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Certified GIF Architects

Congratulations to our most recent (September 15-19, 2003) graduated class of "Certified GIF Architects". A special congratulations to Barry McConnell, the Valedictorian of the class!

  • Barry McConnell, Dept. Of Education, Tallahassee

  • Robert Buhrman, Accenture

  • John McCue, Library of Congress

  • Robert Stoker, Lockheed Martin

  • Perry Harts, City of Frisco

  • Perry Reynolds, Greentree Group

  • Albert Hinrichsm, Raytheon

  • John Proudfoot, Multi-Access Systems, Inc.

  • Dolores Quigley, DMQ Consulting

  • Tim Hunnicutt, Greentree Group

  • Dean LaGrange, EDW Group

  • Chris Chilton, Bearing Point

On May 19-23 the inaugural GIF Architecture certification class was held in Denver, Colorado at Denver University. The following people are now entitled to use "Certified GIF Architect" as part of their resume and qualifications. Congratulations to them all.

  • Michael S Connor, OnDemand, Inc

  • Cheryl K Estep, Estep Associates

  • Peter Ford, Gavroshe, USA

  • Stephen Fox, Inmon Meers Group

  • Lowell Fryman, Metrics Consulting Corp

  • Ken Hill, Gavroshe, USA

  • Thomas A. Hokel, The Enterprise Framework Group

  • Hans Hultgren, Denver University

  • Brian King, First Logic

  • Abhay Kulkarni, Informatica Corporation

  • Alistair McFarlane, Gavroshe, USA

  • Ethne McFarlane, Gavroshe, USA

  • Michael Matthews, The Infology Group, Inc

  • Dan Meers, Inmon Meers Group

  • Mark Jacobson, Jacobson Consulting, Inc

  • Michael Lampa, B A G, Inc

  • Genia Neushloss, Gavroshe, Inc

  • Joe Oates, Sybase, Inc

  • Bonnie K O'Neil, Westridge Consulting

  • Mark Palmer, DU

  • Joe Pignatello, B A G, Inc

  • Mark Reck, The Infology Group, Inc

  • Lou Schoeller, Infinis, Inc

  • Derek Strauss, Gavroshe, USA

  • Mary Stuart, JHU/APL

  • Carl Taljaard, Gavroshe, USA

  • Don Tang, Bearing Point

  • Jim Thomas, Meta Tech Consulting, Inc.

  • Peter Threadgill, Department of Defense

  • Michael Thornton, B A G, Inc

  • Bruce Winchester, NGIT-TASC

* Special congratulations go to Steve Fox who made the highest score on the certification exam. Following Steve was Peter Threadgill. And closely in third place was a tie between Dan Meers, Abhay Kulkarni, and Joe Oates.

Here's what our graduates have to say about the GIF Architecture class:

"Bill's GIF Certification was rigorous and extensive. We are already driving new and enhanced business using the GIF training and materials Bill provided. We also enjoy a distinct competitive advantage as a GIF Certified Architect."

"Bill's GIF Architecture is far and away the most powerful blueprint for enterprise success we have seen. We use it to identify project and enterprise impacts for our public sector clients including governmental and public agencies. GIF drives quality for clients and growth for our consulting business."

"Our customers value the Inmon name and materials we provide in our public sector work. Clients are far more accepting of advise and project assistance driven by Inmon-based training than generic alternatives from other firms. Bill's GIF training and materials provide a level of quality assurance and effectiveness previously lacking in our industry."

"Our software vendor partners are already working with us to align their offerings with the GIF. NCR Teradata, Informatica, FirstLogic and others understand the tremendous value they add by assuring architectural alignment with the GIF. We realize the need for a rational and validated plan for the use of these products and appreciate the integrity Bill is driving with the GIF."

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